Glaucoma Seminar 2012

Jonathan M. Joseph, M.D. 

Rick Leoni II, M.D. 


Barry A. Bohn, M.D.

Julie L. Foreman, M.D., Glaucoma Specialist
 Bohn & Joseph Eye Center & Leoni Eye Clinic hosted a Glaucoma Seminar on August 9, 2012. It was held at the Petroleum Club here in Lafayette, LA. This was a seminar to let our patients know about the signs and symptoms of Glaucoma.
 The Dr.'s also spoke about the risk factors for glaucoma and the many different treatment options available. Here is Dr. Leoni discussing the various types of eyedrops available to treat glaucoma.
We also had multiple display tables set up that had valuable information on glaucoma.

Cataract Seminar 2011
Cataract Seminar
Cataract SeminarBohn & Joseph Eye Center hosted a Cataract Seminar on May 26 & June 23, 2011. The seminar was given by Drs. Jonathan Joseph and Kevin Swan. This was an interactive seminar to discuss the options that are available for cataract surgery.
Cataract SeminarIt included a question and answer session where attendees were able to ask the Drs. an array of questions about cataracts and the surgery process.
Cataract SeminarBrian, who is Dr. Joseph and Dr. Swan's Surgical Assistant, was on hand to explain how the testing is done to obtain the measurements of the eye, which helps determine the correct lens to use.
Cataract SeminarWe also had a few patients that recently had cataract surgery give patient testimonials about there experience and the success they've had with their replacement lenses. 
Please click HERE for a link to our cataract section if you would like more information on cataracts, treatment options, lens options or cataract surgery.



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