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Varilux® Lenses: The First and Still the Best

Staying true to our commitment to provide our customers the highest quality, we use Varilux S Design lenses designed with W.A.V.E. Technology 2™.

Varilux is a brand name belonging to Essilor International, the leader in producing ophthalmic lenses to correct vision problems. Varilux S Design lenses provide the sharpest vision at every distance, even in the most challenging low light conditions which, in turn, provides benefits like safer, more confident night driving and reduced eye strain in low-light reading, television and computer usage. This unique new lens design is then applied to the lens using Essilors patented dual-digital surfacing process, guaranteeing optimal transfer of the Rx to the lens.

All Varilux lenses are available with Crizal No-Glare technology.

  • The Varilux S Series' lens structure is engineered to maintain balance as your eyes move around and eliminates the off-balanced feeling.

  • Varilux S Series lenses with SynchronEyes™ account for any differences between your eyes to improve your field of vision.

  • These lenses take into account that you may have a dominant eye, which in turn provides better reflex vision.

How do I know if I need progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are the best lenses for seeing all distances clearly without the distracting lines of bifocal lenses.

Around age 40, a person's eyes can gradually lose the ability to focus on objects nearby. You may find yourself holding your cell phone at a distance, or have trouble reading things in dim lighting. This can lead to eye strain and headaches. This condition is called presbyopia. The S Series Lenses are the clear choice for those with presbyopia for achieving more natural vision.

Taking Care of Your Lenses

  • Cleaning Your Lenses

    Always wet your lenses with eyeglass cleaner or water to clean your eyeglasses.

  • Wiping With A Cloth

    To avoid scratching your lenses when wiping them down, use a clean cotton cloth.

  • Storing Your Lenses

    Always store your eyeglasses in their case and avoid exposing them to excessive heat.

  • Putting on your Eyeglasses

    Use both hands to put on and take off your eyeglasses.

Certificate of Authenticity

When you purchase Varilux lenses you will recieve a Certificate of Authenticity. While there are many progressive lenses on the market, Varilux lenses are the only lenses that come with this certificate. This way, you can ensure that your lenses are genuine Varilux lenses.


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