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Complete Eye Examination

It is important to have your eyes examined regularly.

Your eyes should be tested:

  • Before age 40 - every two to four years.
  • From age 40 to age 54 - every one to three years.
  • From age 55 to 64 - every one to two years.
  • After age 65 - and every six to 12 months.
  • Anyone with high risk factors should be tested every year or two after age 35.
  • A certified ophthalmic technician will perform an initial screening and the first part of your exam. Our doctors will then complete your exam and review the diagnosis and treatment with you.
  • Your eye pressure is measured to test for glaucoma.
  • A refraction is performed to determine how well you can see.
  • Pupil dilation is performed for a thorough retinal examination.
  • Your retina is then fully inspected for detachments, tumors, degeneration and other medical disorders.
  • Retinal photography is performed when needed.
  • Your blood pressure may be checked. Some of the earliest signs of hypertension can occur in the eye.
  • Your cornea is examined through a biomicroscope and measured with a computerized keratometer.
  • Astigmatism tests are performed, evaluating reading (near), middle, and distance vision.
  • Eye muscle balance is measured as this can cause headaches, lower depth perception, poor reading skills and eyestrain.
  • Optical accommodation is tested. This is your ability to focus from distance to near and vice versa.
  • Visual acuities are measured.
  • A thorough cataract inspection is performed.
  • A personal consultation with the doctor, and proper referral is given for medical disorders that are diagnosed.
  • Your prescription is determined with the most advanced equipment available.

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