Workplace Eye Care
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Workplace Eye Care

Eyesight is one of our most important senses and the loss of which may cause significant changes in our daily lives. It’s important to keep the eyes safe in the workplace where we spend much of our time.

Each day, over 2,000 Americans suffer an eye injury. We usually think of work-related eye injuries as being mostly from such as farming, construction or chemical industry-related jobs. However, working in an office can be just as hazardous to your eyesight. Using a computer on a daily basis will not permanently damage your vision, but it can make your eyes feel tired and irritated.

Blue Light in the Workplace

For many employees in the workplace, blue light is a common eye problem. At least 60 percent of people spend 6+ hours of their day in front of electronic devices that use LED backlight. This includes devices with LED screens such as cell phones, computers, flat-screen televisions, tablets and more. While blue light may have its benefits, such as elevating mood and boosting alertness, prolonged exposure to it may cause digital eyestrain syndrome and retinal damage, which may lead to permanent vision loss.

Computer vision syndrome is not just a myth and can be a real problem. Too much screen time and not enough breaks can cause headaches, inattentiveness, neck pain, back strain, and dry eye. Fortunately, there are some ways to prevent computer vision syndrome and keep your eyes feeling comfortable:


  • Change the lighting in your office: Bright lights and a computer screen glare can burden our eyes. Some contributing factors include fluorescent lighting and sunlight, consider filtering or even turning off some light for a more optimal atmosphere. Using anti-glare screens or desk lamps are helpful.
  • Adjust your monitor: Position your computer screen directly in front of you at or just below eye level.
  • Adjust your computer settings: You can optimize your settings by utilizing larger fonts, background lighting, and contrasting adjustments to a level that is suited to you.
  • Schedule regular comprehensive eye exams. Nothing can replace the importance of having an eye exam by a licensed ophthalmologist at regular intervals. If you have any concerns about your vision or experience any changes with your eyesight, do not delay in making an appointment.



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